Wawanesa Insurance is a service provider of insurance for businesses and client’s/individuals. Wawanesa Insurance has been in businesses since 1896. The company’s history states that “It was established as a farmer’s mutual insurance carrier in 1896 in Wawanesa, Manitoba’. For more information about Wawanesa please click the link below https://www.wawanesa.com

Now in this blog am going to explain the main product’s provided by Wawanesa to all business client’s and individuals who are willing to engage business with Wawanesa Insurance Policies, Now please understand that this blog was studied with accuracy of information, so therefore this blog is totally 100% accurate with information about Wawanesa Insurance Product’s/Policies.

Wawanesa Insurance Product’s are Automobile Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance & Renter’s Insurance. All provided by Wawanesa Insurance for client’s and individuals. Now am going to explain the main product’s by Wawanesa Insurance and also provide you with Rate’s of payment’s you need to expect when engaging business with Wawanesa Insurance. All information about Wawanesa Insurance is accurate and legally authorised.

Automobile Insurance by Wawanesa

Automobile Insurance by Wawanesa – Wawanesa Insurance is absolutely diverse in terms of business, their have a category of Automobile Insurance Product’s, Logistic companies and Automobile companies have a excellent choice to make within this product. Wawanesa Insurance insures the responsibility of safety to all it’s client’s by providing professional ethical work to the policyholder’s. Now here are the Automobile Insurance Product’s provided by Wawanesa Insurance below.
1. Bodily Injury Liability
2. Property Damage Liability
3. Automobile Medical Payments
4. Comprehensive(Including Fire & Theft)
5. Collision
6. Roadside Assistance
7. Rental Expense
8. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
9. Uninsured Motorist – Property Damage
10. Uninsured Motorist – Collision Waiver
11. Vehicle Manufacturer Replacement Parts

Wawanesa Insurance also provides discount’s to client’s who have been in business together with a record of a checklist from Wawanesa Insurance that certifies/proves loyalty of relevant relationship within the business structure. In other word’s meaning, if you are a good client then you will have a discount rate within your financial structure budget of payment’s. And here are the checklist requirement’s you need inorder to qualify for discount rates with Wawanesa Insurance below.
1. Good Driver – Must have a valid license over 3years & Not more then one accident during the past 3years. Also by not having DUI’s within the last 10year’s.
2. Multi Car – You will get discount when you insure more then one vehicle with Wawanesa Insurance but within the same product/policy that’s chosen by you/client.
3. Loyalty – This discount will be eligible when you’ve been continuously insured with Wawanesa Insurance for one full year.
4. Multi Policy – This discount is only available when you have two bundle polices with Wawanesa Insurance.
5. Matured Driver Course – This discount is only available for driver’s who are over 55 year’s old of age, and completed a Califonia DMV defensive driver course within the last 3years.

Renter’s Insurance Coverage

Renter’s Insurance by Wawanesa Insurance – Now this product is a offer to all client’s or businesses who have a basic coverage needs which include Personal Property, Loss Of Use, Personal Liability and Medical Payment’s To Other’s. Now all these basic coverage are charged with no additional costs.
You only pay for the Optional Coverages which will depend upon you. Now here are the Optional Coverages that are charged with Rates below.
Scheduled Personal Property
Increased Limits – Extended coverage limits are available on for:
Jewelry, Watches, and Furs
Silverware, Goldware, and Pewterware
Money and Securities
Portable Electronic Equipment in a Motor Vehicle
Business Property
Credit Card, ATM/Debit Cards, Forgery & Counterfeit Money
Limited Coverage for Earthquakes
Other coverages:
Business Pursuits Protection
Permitted Incidental Occupancies – Residence Premises

Wawanesa Insurance Discount For Renter’s – This discount insurance is for all client’s who choose the Renter’s category of insurance, And this discount requires you to have such requirement’s below.
1.Residence Protection Device Discount – You will qualify for discount if your home is equipped with Safety features such as smoke alarm, fire extinguisher or burglar alarm.
2.Gated Community/Secured Building Discount – If you live in a gated community or secured building or you have a 24hour manned on site security.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage by Wawanesa Insurance

Homeowners Insurance By Wawanesa Insurance – Now within the product of Homeowner’s, Wawanesa Insurance provides the additional services for client’s at no cost’s which include the following services from Wawanesa Insurance at no cost at all. Which include the following below.
Wildfire Defense Program, Dwelling Replacement Cost, Inflation & Replacement Costs.

Homeowners Insurance By Wawanesa Insurance has a premium basic coverage that client’s can choose from, now these basic coverage are initials for all clients, in other words(it’s the guaranteed service product that Wawanesa Insurance will provide with no additional costs or optional costs) Now here are the Basic Coverage Protection from Wawanesa Insurance below.
Coverage A – Dwelling
Coverage B – Other Structures
Coverage C – Personal Property
Coverage D – Loss of Use
Coverage E – Personal Liability
Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others

And here are the Additional Coverage For Homeowner’s. Now understand that these are not included within the Basic Coverage Protection Products, the Additional Coverage are Optional and costs more money within your budget, it’s entirely up to you as a client if you want to add or just remain with the Basic Coverage Insurance. Now here are the Additional/Optional Coverage Protection from Wawanesa Insurance below.
A. Increased Limits
B. Scheduled Property
C. Limited Earthquake Coverage – California
D. Credit Card, Fund Transfer Card, Forgery & Counterfeit Money
E. Special Limits Enhancement Endorsement
F. Identity Fraud Expense Coverage
G. Home Systems Protection
H. Service Line Coverage
I. Home Cyber Protection Coverage
J. Other Coverage Options

Homeowner’s Insurance Discount By Wawanesa Insurance is also provided for all client’s who choose the product of Homeowners Insurance. Now this discount only applies when qualified with the requirement’s of “Multi-Product, Non Smokers, Sprinkler System, Burglar Alarm, Water Alarm, Loyalty & Claims Free”.





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