Westfield Insurance is a professional company based in the United States Of America, that supplies insurance policies to client’s and businesses globally. Westfield Insurance has factor’s of awards which their have gained over the year’s as a successful business in the insurance field industry. Such factors include 1. Westfield Insurance provide personal insurance in 10 states, commercial insurance in 21 states and surety products in 50 states through a network of more than a thousand leading independent agencies”. And please note that this information is copyright of Westfield Insurance and is 100% accurate. For information about Westfield Insurance please visit the link here https://www.westfieldinsurance.com

Now another factor Westfield Insurance has is “We’re one of the largest non-public companies in Ohio and the largest employer in Medina County”. This means Westfield Insurance is highly ranking the charts within the industry of insurance. Now in this blog i’ll be explaining the product’s supplied by Westfield Insurance for client’s and businesses to engage into. For every policyholder/client’s safety is key and catered at Westfield Insurance, their have a rang of product’s for client’s and businesses to chose from. Westfield Insurance supplies “Business Insurance & Individual/Personal Insurance.

Within the main two segment of product’s/policies supplied by Westfield Insurance, each package or product within “Business Insurance & Individual/Personal Insurance” has coverages(The service/product which is or will be supplied to the policyholder/client)

And also Westfield Insurance has additional or optional features which boosts the impact of your insurance plan/package. It’s basically upgrades which results to improvement of security supply and all sort’s of positive structures businesses reach. This implementation is key for businesses and client’s, and please note that all additional or optional features are not compulsory, it’s all decisions made by client’s who need improvement of high security insurance.

Now am going to explain the two main product’s or policies supplied by Westfield Insurance for client’s/policyholders.

Manufacturing Insurance Policy(Business Insurance)

Manufacturing Insurance Policy(Business Insurance) – This insurance package is from the “Business Insurance Policy segment” which was designed for businesses that are agriculture based, such factories, manufacturing companies & main market industries. This policy has coverages for all client’s and businesses who are intentionally interested for high quality protection. These insurance coverages are essential inorder to improve the policyholder/client’s business structure by supplying professional security protection by all means. Now here are the following coverages that Westfield Insurance offer’s to all client’s and businesses who chose the Manufacturing Insurance Policy below.
Broadened definition of who is insured
Coverage for your buildings and limited coverage for newly acquired buildings
Damage to property in your care, custody and control
Reduction in wait-time before Business Income coverage is applicable

Westfield Insurance also has additional benefit’s which are improvement’s or upgrades of insurance packages which are subscribed by client’s and businesses. Now these additional or optional features will impact the client’s/policyholder’s financial budget, for the better results of business structures will be. These additional features are positive services of professional high quality security catered by Westfield Insurance. Now here are the additional features for client’s/policyholder’s who chose the Manufacturing Insurance Policy/Package below.
Coverage for contract penalties resulting from a covered loss
Consequential Loss coverage for the reduction in value of stock
Coverage for dies, forms, molds and patterns
Selling Price Clause to cover finished stock
Coverage for theft of alloys and metals

Auto Insurance by Westfield Insurance(Personal Insurance)

Auto Insurance by Westfield Insurance(Personal Insurance) – This insurance policy is designed for client’s and businesses who own vehicle industries, motor-mobile industries’, personal vehicle & dealerships. Now Westfield Insurance offer’s client’s and businesses professional security protection of insurance, this offer result’s to better well-being of businesses and client’s. Auto Insurance by Westfield Insurance has “Coverages” that client’s/policyholder’s have to choose from, these are insurance packages of services for render. Within these “Coverages” there’s Additional or Optional features which are basically upgrades for your insurance plan as a client/policyholder. And also Westfield Insurance offer’s discount within the Auto Insurance Policy/Product, these discount are to reduce the expenditure from client’s/policyholder’s and also bring in more client’s to the business of Westfield Insurance.

Westfield Insurance is a professional service provider of insurance. Now here are the “Coverages” insurance policies of Auto Insurance Product offered by Westfield Insurance below.
Medical Payments
Personal Injury Protection 

Westfield Insurance has “Additional Features/Optional Features” which are upgrades to your insurance plan policy. These upgrades will impact your financial budget with an increase to your spending, resulting to a better foundation as a successful business/policyholder. Now here are the following “Additional Features/Optional Features” below.
Loan/Lease Gap Coverage
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Motorcycle Insurance
RV & Camper Insurance
Umbrella Coverage





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