1Life Insurance Company is a service provider of insurance policies/products to client’s and businesses. 1Life Insurance Company is a company based in South Africa, Johannesburg. And has obtained many serveral factors or achievement’s during the years of doing business. such factors which 1Life Insurance Company has obtained is the following statement – 1. At 1Life Insurance we believe that insurance has the power to change lives… to help a young mother triumph over cancer or to give a family the chance to start over after the loss of a parent. If you want to ensure that you and your family have the financial protection they need against disability, illness and even death then a 1Life policy is the solution for you. All our products are only a telephone call away. We also offer our clients a financial needs analysis to ensure that they are buying the right cover based on their individual circumstances and what they can afford. Find out more about 1Life – South Africa’s number 1 direct life insurer for 10 years running.

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1Life Insurance Company has serveral products/policies that client’s/policyholder can choose from, 1Life Insurance Company has coverages for all it’s products and additional features or optional features. For discount package please visit the official website of 1Life Insurance Company for assistance. Now i’ll be overviewing the products/policies that 1Life Insurance Company has for client’s, this will result to a better understanding for all visitors and researchers. 1Life Insurance Company has “Life Insurance products” for client’s, such products are.
A. Funneral Insurance
B. Life Insurance
C. Pure Life Plus Cover Insurance
D. Dread Disease Insurance
E. Essential Funneral Cover
F. Female Dread Disease
G. Disability Insurance
H. Expense Protector Salary Protection Plan
I. Investments Insurance

Investment Insurance Product/Policy By 1Life Insurance Company

Investment Insurance Product/Policy By 1Life Insurance Company – This product is designed for client’s and businesses who seek insurance protection of financial advisors, investment plans, investment policies and financial structures. Investment Insurance Product/Policy By 1Life Insurance Company has coverages which are basically services which 1Life Insurance will render to client’s and businesses. Also 1Life Insurance Company has additional features or optional feature, these features are basically upgrades to the client’s insurance plan, this will result to a better insurance plan. additional features or optional features are essential due to it’s improvement, 1Life Insurance Company mention this factor when engaging/applying with 1Life Insurance Company product of “Investment Insurance” product, here are the significant reasons why you should engage/apply with 1Life Insurance Company.
A. How does the 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment work?
Invest your lump sum into the 1Life Guaranteed Future Value Investment and select the guaranteed portfolio option to ensure that the guaranteed rate is fixed. The guaranteed rate is established when the first investment is made. After the first year of investment, you will be permitted a one-part withdrawal during the investment period. A surrender option is also available after the first year. At the maturity date, the maturity value will be payable to you. This will automatically be invested into a money market product.

B. Is there a minimum investment amount and what is the term of my investment?
You need to invest R100 000 or more over a five-year investment period. You cannot make additional deposits during the term of the investment. Beneficiaries can be added to the investment. If you die before the term is up, the proceeds will be paid directly to your beneficiaries and not tied up in your estate until it is settled. The proceeds are, however, considered part of the estate of the deceased and attract estate duty.

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