Nationwide Insurance Company is a service provider of insurance product’s. Nationwide Insurance Company issues products/policies to client’s and businesses. Nationwide Insurance Company is originally based in the United States and has many several factors within the industry of insurance, such factors include the following statement – 1. Over the last 90 years, Nationwide has grown from a small mutual auto insurer owned by policyholders to one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Early growth came from working together with Farm Bureaus that sponsored the company. Nine Farm Bureaus continue to promote Nationwide.

Nationwide Insurance Company has successfully improved many businesses and client’s/policyholder’s through years of engaging business. Nationwide Insurance Company has “Business Insurance” and “Personal/Individual Insurance” products/policies to client’s/policyholder’s who seek security protection of insurance. Also Nationwide Insurance Company has cover’s of “Coverages” and “Additional Features or Optional Features”.

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Now i’ll be overviewing the main products provided by Nationwide Insurance Company. Such products will be derived from the main categories of “Business Insurance” and “Personal/Individual Insurance”. Now here’s the first product to be review below which is titled “Boat Insurance” derived from the catogory of “Personal/Individual Insurance”.

Boat Insurance By Nationwide Insurance Company

Boat Insurance By Nationwide Insurance Company – This product/policy is designed for client’s and businesses who seek “Watercraft” insurance protection. This product is specifically for “Watercrafts businesses, Boat’s, Ships, Personal Watercraft assets”. Nationwide Insurance Company has “Coverages” which are basically cover’s/services of a certain or sacrificial product. These coverages are benefits to your insurance plan, and here are the “Coverages” of the product “Boat Insurance”
1. Bodily injury liability
2. Uninsured motorist
3. Property damage liability
4. Underinsured motorist
5. Collision
6. Medical payments coverage
7. Comprehensive

Nationwide Insurance Company also provides “Additional Features or Optional Features” which are basically upgrades, this results to improvements of business structures. These additional features will increase the client’s spending budget, this will result to an increase of the insurance plan and services which will render for the client. Now here are the following “Additional Features” or “Optional Features” of the product titled “Boat Insurance”
1. On-water boat towing & labour
2. Fishing equipment insurance
3. Roadside Assistance for boats
4. Personal effects insurance

Nationwide Insurance Company also provides discounts. This discount will be eligible only when you have reached/obtained the requirements that Nationwide Insurance Company demands from. Now this discount is applied to all it’s product’s/policies provided by Nationwide Insurance Company. Now here the discount requirement’s or checklist to obtain.
1. Multi-policy
2. Diesel fuel
3. Multi-boat
4. Paid in full
5. Boater safety course
6. Claims-free renewal

Business Owners Insurance Product By Nationwide Insurance Company

Business Owners Insurance Product By Nationwide Insurance Company – This is a insurance product derived from the catogory of “Business Insurance”. All business insurance products have “Coverages” and also “Additional Features or Optional Features”. Nationwide Insurance Company also has discounts within the business insurance products/polices. Now here are the covers or “Coverages” of “Business Owner Insurance”
1. Commercial property
2. General liability
3. Business income
4. Equipment breakdown

Here are the additional features or optional features which are designed for “Business Owner Insurance” policy/product.
1. Accounts Receivable
2. Business Auto
3. Crime Insurance
4. Cyber Liability
5. Inland Marine Insurance
6. Umbrella
7. Employee Practices Liability
8. Errors & Omission Insurance
9. Workers Compensation

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